Chocolate types

The different chocolate types are elaborated modifying the proportions between their components and adding other products to the basic composition of the paste, butter and sugar.

Black chocolate

The Black chocolate, fondant or pure, are the result of the mixture of the paste and cacao butter with sugar, without the addition of any other product (except flavouring and emulsifier already mentioned). A black chocolate must have a proportion of cacao paste superior to 50% of the product, because it is from that quantity when the bitterness of the cacao begins to be perceptible.

Chocolate of cover

It is the one used by the chocolate-makers and the pastry chefs like raw material. It can be black or with milk, and has a proportion of cocoa butter between 32% and 39%, whose combination with cacao solids must be minimum of 54%. The cover is used to secure a high brightness, because it is easily melted and very mouldable.

Hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is the black chocolate (normally, with a proportion of cacao inferior to 50%), to which a small amount of starch has been added to it (normally, maize flour) so that it increases his thickness.

chocolate liquido


Chocolate with milk

The chocolate with milk is the derivative of the most popular cacao. It is, basically, a sweet, that’s the reason why the proportion of cacao paste usually is below 40% and has added milk (powdered or condensed). Also chocolate with milk tablets are produced with proportions even above 50%, aimed at the market of gourmets and as well as at pastry shops.

White chocolate

In the case of white chocolate, strictly, it is not chocolate like this, because lacks cacao paste in his composition. It is elaborated with cocoa butter (at least, 20%), milk (powdered or condensed) and sugar.