Nutritional composition and health

Both main ingredients of the chocolate are caloric ones: the fat and the sugar. It contains: carbohydrates, stearic and oleic fat, fiber, mineral, protein and vitamin.

Beneficial Health effects

Recent studies suggest that cacao owns a significant antioxidant action, protecting against the LDL oxidation. It has been observed as well that could bring a moderate reduction in the sanguineous pressure. A consumption of up to 100 g black chocolate per day reduces the systolic pressure in 8% or 9%, which diminishes the risk of cardiovascular and hypertension accidents.

The stearic acid of the chocolate does not elevate the LDL cholesterol level in blood and some studies indicate that even it could reduce it. For that reason small but regular amounts of black chocolate would have to reduce cardiac problems.

Other studies suggest that cacao could be nootropic and to delay the declivity of the cerebral function due to aging.

Other investigations indicate that the chocolate can prevent the persistent cough. The theobromine contained is almost a third more effective than codeine, the medicine leader for the cough. The chocolate also seems to calm and to dampen the throat.

The flavonoids of the cacao can inhibit the development of diarrhoea suggesting antidiarrheal effects of the chocolate.

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The chocolate is slight stimulant due to the theobromine presence, whereas the contained phenylalanine aids to improve the mood and to control the changes of humour.

Risks and possible attributed negative effects

Risk of obesity
Its uncontrolled consumption increases the risk of obesity if not having an equivalent increase in the physical activity.

There is a popular belief that the chocolate can cause acne. This belief is not based on scientific studies. The chocolate itself has a low glycaemic index.

Animal toxicity
In sufficient amounts, the theobromine found in the chocolate is toxic for animals like horses, dogs, parrots, small rodents and cats because these are incapable to metabolize this chemistry with effectiveness.

composicion nutricional chocolate