Who we are

Beldelice SL, was established in 2008 following the businesses of the company The Belgian Delicatesen SL in order to make arrive at the consumer Belgian delicacies.

During years we have observed manufacture processes of tens of Belgian chocolate producers, and we have selected that one’s which combine methodologies and artisan formulas with quality and innovation of ingredients and flavours.

This had leaded us to have a wide range of authentic gourmet Belgian chocolate of very high quality and prestige that bring together exquisite textures and exotic flavours.

In order to guarantee the quality, aromas and flavours of the chocolate, we are very strict in its conservation and optimal transportation, controlling the levels of cold and humidity, from its production until to put it at the consumer disposal.

We have equipped and prepared facilities with isothermal rooms in Terrassa (Barcelona) and we only use refrigerated transports.


To make easier to the consumer: the pleasure of enjoying the delicacy of the best Belgian chocolate in its different formats.


Quality of product
Satisfaction of the client


In order to guarantee pralines and chocolates of greater quality, texture and exquisite flavour, we select Belgian producers of long tradition that:

They combine its respect on traditional prescriptions, artisan methods and constant restlessness in the innovation of ingredients and flavours;

They guarantee with their processes the cold chain and the conservation of the aromas, flavours and textures.

Bombones quienes somos


Warehouses and offices of 300 m2, with isothermal rooms equipped to assure an optimal level of conservation for each chocolate type.

Located in Avenue del Valles, 65 of Terrassa, in Barcelona, close to freeway AP-7, nexus of union between the main capitals of Spain and countries of the EEC.


Our commercial strategy is based on a network of located independent traders in different commercial areas, which give service to our potential clients.

This structure allows us to have a high effectiveness and productivity and at the same time to be agile and flexible to give the best answer to the clients.